Screw Conveyors

Increase Efficiency and Production with Special Purpose Screw Conveyors

While off the shelf solutions exist for many applications, when it comes to maximizing efficiency and performance, there are additional features we design and build into the conveyor system that not everyone considers. Businesses in the food processing or biofuel production are enjoying the benefits our custom thermo conveyors bring.  Clients have also come to us to build wood pulp augers, metal shaving augers, chemical and fines augers and more. We excel at expanding your capabilities with our specialized screw conveyors.  If you are a food processor, be sure to check out auger conveyors for food processors, or our complete stand-alone heated or chilled system: “The ThermoVeyor“.

Screw conveyors 2” to 36” in diameter – Sectional or helicoid

Food grade stainless steel 304 or 316 – Carbon steel – Ultra hard Hastelloy™

 Heated or chilled screw conveyor for food processors – Chilled screw conveyor for biofuel gasification process

Variable pitch, gapped, double flighting – Polished, electro-polished, other coatings as spec’d – Extruders and mixing augers

 Complete systems – design and build with motor, gear reducers, bearings, end plates, troughs, hoppers, covers, VFD’s…

 Designed in SolidWorks™ for your approval


  • auger, tapered, stainless steel

Design Considerations

In designing a screw conveyor for a specific purpose, many questions must be answered in order to achieve optimal performance. Information needed would be: the material being conveyed, density in pounds per square inch, the desired volume, speed and distance that need to be conveyed. Other factors that can helpful to know are the abrasiveness, corrosiveness, or viscosity of the material to be conveyed. In answering those questions, the screw conveyor can then be designed with the appropriate metal, diameter, pitch, length, and trough and motor requirements.

In Summary

Purchasing new plant equipment is expensive. Off-the-shelf solutions for screw conveyors may work well in many applications, however, the added investment required to custom design and build for a particular application can provide operational cost-saving benefits that greatly outweigh the convenience of a standard system. Think about your needs and how the added screw conveyor features described above can enhance and save money in your operation.

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