Screw Conveyors

Special Purpose Screw Conveyors Increase Efficiency and Production 

The primary purpose of most screw conveyors is to easily move a product from one place to another.  But screw conveyors can do much more to maximize efficiency and performance in the processing plant. There are features we design and build into the conveyor systems that not everyone considers. These features bring tremendous value to the user. One of these features is being able to provide heating or chilling to the products being conveyed.  We have capability to add thermal properties to either the screw or trough, or both. Inlet and outlet chutes are also part of most screw conveyor systems.  We custom design the whole conveyor system using SolidWorks 3D software to make a good fit for the application.  There are numerous manufacturers that are experiencing the benefits our custom thermal screw conveyors bring.  Food processors find the stainless thermal screw conveyor especially useful in their operations. Clients have also come to us to build wood pulp augers, metal shaving augers, cheese and other food processing screw conveyors, chemical and fines augers and more. We excel at expanding your capabilities with our specialized screw conveyors.  For a few industry specific conveyors, see screw conveyors for processors or gasification, or our mobile heated or chilled screw: “The ThermoVeyor“.

  • auger, tapered, stainless steel

Use our extensive experience in designing and building screw conveyors for a variety of special purposes.  Below are some of the features that we have built for others.

  • Screw conveyors 2” to 36” in diameter – Sectional or helicoid
  • Stainless steel 304 or 316 – Carbon steel – Ultra hard Hastelloy™
  • Heated or Chilled jacketed trough systems for augers
  • Heated or Chilled auger flighting
  • Variable pitch, gapped, double flighting, full or half pitch, cut or notched flighting
  • Extruding, mixing, and metering augers
  • Food or chemical grade
  • Multi-screw systems
  • Multi discharge with gate valves
  • Multi-speed operation
  • Heavy or light duty
  • Tube or trough with or without covers
  • Low maintenance and safety features
  • Polished, electro-polished, other coatings as needed
  •  Complete systems – design and build with motor, gear reducers, bearings, end plates, troughs, hoppers, covers, VFD’s…
  • Brand name drive components
  • Designed in SolidWorks™ for your approval

Design Considerations 

In designing a screw conveyor for a specific purpose, many questions must be answered in order to achieve optimal performance. Information needed would be: the material being conveyed, density in pounds per square inch, the desired volume, speed and distance that need to be conveyed. Other factors that can helpful to know are the abrasiveness, corrosiveness, or viscosity of the material to be conveyed. In answering those questions, the screw conveyor can then be designed with the appropriate metal, diameter, pitch, length, and trough and motor requirements.

In Summary
Purchasing new plant equipment is expensive. The added investment required to custom design and build for a particular application can provide operational cost-saving benefits that greatly outweigh the convenience of a standard system. Think about your needs and how the added screw conveyor features described above can enhance and save money in your operation. If you need additional information, give us a call today!

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