Cable Railing and Fences

Whether used indoors or outdoors, in a commercial or residential setting, custom metal railings add a clean, polished look to any project.

Also referred to as fences or ornamental railings, our custom railings can be designed in either a cable or tube style. Both styles are made from stainless steel, or painted steel or aluminum, making them virtually maintenance-free.

Our commercial applications for metal railings include balconies, walkways, stairways, and more. Whatever the project, our experienced teams of engineering and design professionals work with you to design the perfect railing to fit your needs.
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Choices for Railings and Types of Materials Used

Cable railing is often chosen for a clean, unobtrusive look. It is appropriate and used for both interior and exterior applications, in commercial, public, and private residential settings. Tube railing or picket type fencing is chosen for a more traditional look.

For cable railing, stainless steel with a #4 brushed finish is a popular choice for both endurance and attractive appearance. We recommend stainless for installations of less than 500 feet for cost effectiveness and durability. There are two types of stainless used: 304 for interior applications, and the 316 with higher nickel content for exterior that could be exposed to salt contamination. If a specific color is desired, then powder-coated, (painted) aluminum is a good choice. For smaller residential projects, the cost of using either painted aluminum or 304 stainless is similar.

For large quantities of tube railings or picket type fencing, carbon steel is often chosen for lower cost, but should be hot-dipped galvanized then painted. Without galvanizing, rust can occur if the paint chips. Heavy duty public applications almost always specify galvanized steel with or without paint. This stands up to rugged conditions and is cost effective in significant quantities.

We work with contractors and architects to help design and build the best railing possible for a particular application. Call today to get your project underway.