Custom Laser Cutting Services

ASTRO Laser Cutting Services
Laser cutting has been an integral part of metal fabrication at Astro for the past 20 years. We donít have the fanciest, newest laser on the planet. Still, we offer laser cutting very competitively since replacing our old laser when we found a great buy on this workhorse, Mazak 2500, equipped with an auto load/unload system. We laser cut stainless steel and mild steel for OEM's, food processing equipment, auger and conveyor parts, and more. Our custom laser cutting service quickly produces quality metal parts with smooth and clean edges. You can expect accurate parts and shipping usually within a week or less.

Our optimal cutting range is:

Mild steel is 24 g to ½”            Aluminum: S.032 to .190
Stainless steel: 24 g to ¼”       Sheet size max is 60 X 120”

Cutting tolerance within .005 or less depending on the part

Styrofoam, plastic, galvaneel, and wood are other materials we have cut. We can also cut thicker materials than listed here, but these are the optimum for our machine.  Our guys are good at figuring out the weird stuff, and also get the “regular” jobs done quickly.  Most parts cut burr-free, but on a thicker material, any burrs that may occur are hand-removed assuring only good parts to our clients.

We prefer a pdf to give a free quote, and can take dxf, dwg, step file, and igs files directly into our CAD software, Radan, to run the parts. 

Being we offer complete metal fabrication services, we are a GREAT place from which to get your laser-formed parts.  With 3 press brakes and over a huge selection of tooling , we offer fast and accurate parts.

Laser Cutting Serviceslaser cutting services
Laser Cuttinglaser cutting
Custom Laser Cutcustom laser cut
Laser Cutting Servicelaser cutting service
Laser cut 7 ga, formed, and electropolishedLaser cut 7 ga, formed, and electropolished
Laser cut 16 ga stainless steelLaser cut 16 ga stainless steel
Laser cut, 11 gauge hrpo steel, and formedLaser cut, 11 gauge hrpo steel, and formed
Laser cut, carbon steelLaser cut, carbon steel








We are proud to announce that in the Fall of 2012 we upgraded to a newer, more powerful laser cutting machine: a Mazak 2500 Super Turbo Laser is now in its new home at Astro. This laser cutting machine is equipped with a load/unload system for even more cost-effective laser cutting services and ability to operate lights out. Mazak lasers are "Built for performance, reliability and efficiency when cutting plate and sheet metal". They are known to be the work-horses of laser cutting. We are excited about offering more to our customers in terms of the thickness of metals we can laser cut, and the volume of laser work we can produce. For those that need more than just laser cut parts, we still offer in-house fabrication services; forming, punching, machining, welding, and metal finishing.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an extremely efficient way to produce complex flat metal shapes that are required by manufactures in a large variety of industries in quantities of one to several thousand. Coupled with the CNC software, Radan, used to program the parts, we produces high quality cuts and complex shapes while maximizing sheet use with computerized nesting of parts. Machine damage to the parts is virtually zero due to the fact that there is no mechanical contact with the metal being cut thus parts are produced with clean edges requiring little or no finishing. Laser cutting is a much more precise cutting method than plasma cutting, and is much faster and more efficient than water-jet cutting for gauge sheet metal. Laser cutting combined with the press brakes and other metal fabrication services allows us to produce complete parts all under one roof.

You can expect high quality repeatable parts, no edge damage, fast turn-around, all at a competitive price when you order your laser cut metal parts from Astro.