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We are a family-owned business working to ensure the fabrication of the best metal products possible and that great solutions are delivered to our clients.  With that, we strive to provide a personalized yet simple, straight-forward experience for the client.

Our Architectural Division is headed up by the seasoned, energetic Chris Rock.  He has been with Astro since 2011 and with the experience he brought, has expanded our capacity in providing railings and other architectural metal components for commercial construction.  He works phenomenally with contractors, architects, and installers to get the right product at the right place at the right time.

George Ross leads the Screw Conveyors and Food Processing Division.  He is a company owner and a talented mechanical engineer who loves machine design.  The solver of mechanical problems.  He along with wife Sue, bought the established Astro Engineering and Manufacturing in 2005, from those who had founded the company in 1987.

Earlier this year we were fortunate to land the talented mechanical engineer, a graduate from South Dakota State, Dustin Bryan, who brings nearly 5 years of experience with him.  Dustin is doing a great job working with screw conveyors clients, and just getting into managing some railing work too.

Tony Ross, the middle son of George and Sue, is our manufacturing engineer overseeing production and efficient operation.  He earned his industrial engineering degree from NDSU in 2009 and has worked at Astro in production through high school and college.  After working elsewhere after graduation, has been back at Astro full time since 2011.

Dave Lundberg is our on-site drafter, drafting nearly exclusively in SolidWorks for us.  Dave is able to handle both the mechanical work for the screw conveyors and also does our field measuring and drafting for railing and architectural work.

Arlene Schmitz,  office manager, takes care of our bookkeeping, AR/AP,  and other administrative activities.  Arlene also oversees the shipping and receiving department.  She is the one who most often answers the phone and will get you to the person or the information you need.

The  CEO and co-owner of Astro is Sue Ross.  She oversees the strategy and direction of the business, CFO responsibilities, manages the HR , the marketing, the safety program, insurance and legal needs, and general business operation.

The welding department is led by Don and Mike.  Together they bring nearly 40 years of welding experience.  The department is rounded out by Brad, Donny, and Sam.  Dean is our machinest.  Zac and Jerry handle our sheet metal work with Zac running the laser and punch, and Jerry does the forming and heads up assembly.  Matt is in charge of shipping/receiving and works wherever needed.  Riley is a new addition to Astro and helps with finishing, saw cutting and anywhere else needed.  A talented and dedicated group.

Together, we work for you.


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